A door to rapid skill development for The Childbloom student.

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WELCOME! This website was made especially for and only for students enrolled in Childbloom® Guitar Program.

It will support the student’s journey in learning music through the guitar in several ways:

  • The Step-one Course provides the beginning student the music that he or she is learning. This is SO important. Students must hear the music they are trying to learn. The added adjustable-speed video will guide the student in the correct use of the fingers and hands.

  • The Complete Course will help the student master the most difficult parts of the music your Childbloom Instructor will present – and do it quickly. 

  • It will also make learning effective at home by making the practice quick and efficient, using advanced learning techniques. We are amazed how well students learn when they use the videos!

  • The Complete course contains great hand exercises, music theory, note-recognition flash card apps, duets, resource material for learning Blues and Bluegrass music and advance solo concert music. 

 Explore and use the Club courses, Modules and Lessons. This is free to all Childbloom parents. No other music Instructor gives you such a powerful learning resource!